3 Day Military Diet Plan Review & Results (10 Lbs in 3 Days?)


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A lot of people swear by the Military Diet, which claims you can lose around 10 pounds in 3 days. Is that really possible? Does the military diet really work? We’re going to look at everything there is to this fast weight loss diet and review it in detail to see if it can in fact generate the results it claims.

What is the Military Diet?

The Military Diet first took hype during 2012 and got a lot of buzz on Pinterest – what it basically claims is that you can lose 10 pounds in a week (with only 3 days of the diet) without having to do a lot of exercise or use any medicines.

The main reason it is popular is because it’s effectively free compared to several other diet plans which cost you money. The food you eat in the Military Diet is regular, routine food, which is probably going to be cheaper than the food you typically eat.

In essence, it is claimed that the Military Diet is a combination of different foods in exact proportions which you need to adhere to. If you do, it is a natural diet to lose weight very quickly without any harmful side effects.

How does the Military Diet work?

According to the diet’s author, the Military Diet is all about the right chemical composition of foods which can work together and give you a big weight loss boost. The diet’s menu consists of unusual items such as hot dogs and ice cream, and the plan is to eat the stipulated food items 3 days a week and then spend the next 4 days off the diet, but controlling your calorie intake.

The net result is supposed to be that you lose 10 pounds after a week, with 3 days on the diet and 4 days off it. It is believed that the diet works because it speeds up your metabolism by switching up your diet throughout the week; however, does it really work to shed 10 pounds off you? We’ll have to see about that.

Who is the Military Diet for?

Anyone who wants to lose weight fast can go on the diet (if it works). It attracts people who want to lose weight urgently, like brides, grooms and well, all of us (lol). The diet’s proponents claim that you can lose around a whopping 30 pounds following the diet for a month and all that would be completely free, without you having to buy expensive ingredients or medicines.

Military Diet food list

You are allowed the foods in the list below during the 3 days you are on the Military Diet. A couple of the items on this list don’t seem like they belong in a healthy diet though – like sausages, peanut butter and ice cream.

  • Tuna
  • Broccoli
  • Banana
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Grapefruit
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Peanut Butter
  • Bread
  • 3 Ounces Favorite Meat
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Apple
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Saltine Crackers
  • Sausage
  • Carrots
  • Green Beans
  • Cheddar Cheese

Military Diet 3-Day Menu Plan

Now let’s take a look at the Military Diet’s 3-Day Menu Plan, which is supposed to be followed religiously in order to gain the results you want (losing 10 pounds in a week).

Military Diet Day 1 Menu

Military Diet Day 1 Menu Plan

Day 1 of the 3 Day Military Diet has 3 meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner with a total calorie intake of about 1,250. You get to eat a slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter and half a grapefruit in breakfast along with a cup of coffee.

Lunch is a similar affair with some tuna thrown in, and dinner includes your favorite meat, a couple of fruits and a cup of vanilla ice cream.

Military Diet Day 2 Menu

Military Diet Day 2 Menu Plan

On day 2 of the diet you get to have eggs, some cottage cheese, crackers, bread and ice cream again alongside sausages, carrots and broccoli. This day’s menu plan has more calories than day 1, with the total being 1,350.

Military Diet Day 3 Menu

Military Diet Day 3 Menu Plan

Day 3 of the diet isn’t much different either and more or less the same food items are switched around between breakfast, lunch and dinner. All three menus seem to have a balance between proteins, carbs, fats and fiber along with essential vitamins and day 3’s menu totals at around 1,000 calories.

While you are expected to follow these three menus exactly in the same proportions, the diet also recommends good intake of water to boost weight loss.

Does the 3 Day Military Diet Work? – Our Results & Review

Now that you know all there is to know about the 3 Day Military Diet, you’re probably wondering if it really does work. Well, let me be honest with you, and while you might be disappointed to read this, it is the truth – it’s not possible to lose 10 pounds in a week.

We gave the diet a try anyways and while it was low on calories and a good way to start your weight-watching campaign, it didn’t lose us 10 pounds in any week.

In the diet’s defense, it just can’t work. One pound of fat is roughly around 3,500 calories – so you basically need to burn around 35,000 calories in a week, which amounts to about 5,000 calories a day.

To maintain your weight, you need take 2,000 calories  day, so even if you don’t eat anything at all, you’re not going to be burning 35,000 calories in a week, particularly not without actual, rigorous exercise.

In our trial of the Military diet, we managed to lose nearly 2 pounds at best, and that too required daily aerobic exercises. Hence, like all things that sound too good to be true, the 3 Day Military Diet is too.

Once again, we’re sorry if you’re disappointed, but it is important not to trust anything anyone writes or says, especially when it comes to your health and well being. We never recommend any sort of crash diet or lose weight quick regime because even if they do work, they’re not healthy for you.

If you have any questions, suggestions or tips for our readers, please comment below. Meanwhile, if you want more detailed reviews, diet plans, nutritional information and healthy recipes, subscribe for our updates by scrolling below and entering your email.


  1. When you want to lose a lot of weight in a short time, then the military diet is a great tool. The 3 day duration is just right and you won’t get bored with the food. I tried the diet a few days ago and lost 5 pounds. Needless to say, I was surprise and happy that my efforts paid off. You see, I have to lose around 10 pounds for a coming vacation with my friends. I really want to look good and I’m glad the diet is helping me a lot.
    That being said, the diet is no walk in the park. The first day for me was difficult, I was irritated and hungry. However, when I drank lots of water and did some light walking, I felt better. I was hungry but not famished, and that was great!
    I hope I lose more pounds this week when I resume the diet again for another 3 days.

  2. I’ve done this diet several times and it works every time. Not healthy, but it does work IF you stick strictly to the guidelines.

  3. It worked for me. I didn’t loose 10lbs but I lost 7lbs. And I was very happy with that! I want to say it s a lot of water weight you loose so for me it kicked off my “diet”.

  4. I was on this diet 5 years ago because I wanted to lose some baby weight. I did it for 3 weeks. The end result: I lost 35 lbs but problem was that being such a dry diet -meaning no soup, or juice, or milk- made me at the end have bowel problems associated with blood in my stools. I had my third child 2 years ago and want to lose some weight again but I am afraid of having the same issues as before. Good luck for whoever wants to try it. It WORKS!!!

  5. I have tried this diet before it does work but you are only losing water retention not fat ! You will gain the weight back and it’s not healthy . It’s a starvation diet and you don’t get all the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle .

  6. I lost 4lbs and I’m not overweight.
    My mom lost 7, and my friend lost 6 – both over weight. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s unhealthy, as it’s no different from a high protein, low carb diet. And because it’s only three days of calorie restriction, it’s easy to follow. Lots of calorie counters restrict to 900 (not recommended)- 1200 calories a day. This diet is a bit more than that and recommends adding protein if you’re exercising.
    I look at it as a good kick start to a long term dietary change. Or squeeze into that dress before a wedding.
    Good luck!

  7. It’s not for everyone and like any other diet plan if you don’t maintain after you will gain back. With that being said it does work. You can loose any where between five to ten pounds but it’s what you do for the next four days that make you or break you. So be strong complete the mission and be motivated to continue what you have started. Exercise and eat healthy and you can’t go wrong,will power is a must and giving up is not an option

  8. I tried the diet too, it works lost about 3kgs in 3 days. The loss may not be purely be fats but it starts a good phase. I realize that I don’t need to eat as much as I normally do for my sustainace

  9. Tried it…followed it pretty much to the t…Lost 5 pounds exactly… gonna give it a whirl again tomorrow. So I guess will see what happens

  10. I lost 6 pounds and it is the morning of day 4 so far so good time to switch it up a little lobingnit so far

  11. This is actually called the Mayo Clinic Diet for heart surgery patients from Birmingham Alabama. It is for overweight patients who have to lose weight before surgery.

  12. I’m a military wife, and I laughed like hell when I saw this. I sent a copy to my husband, who is active-duty, and he laughed like crazy too. The real military diet is more than 3000 cal a day. I’m not sure what this is.