10 Foods to Guarantee Stronger, Healthier & Whiter Teeth for Life

Who doesn’t love a smile? A popular saying goes thus, “beauty is power; a smile is its sword”. However, a good smile is hugely dependent on your teeth, and taking care of them is essential.

Luckily, apart from brushing them twice a day, you can also ensure your diet includes the 10 foods listed below so that your teeth are sparkling as bright as ever.

#1. Apples

Apples for Healthy Diet

Apples are high in fibre which helps build strong gums for teeth and prevents gum infections (gingivitis). Whilst chewing an apple, more saliva is secreted from glands in your mouth and is mixed with the water and vitamins from the fruit which helps wash away any remaining food particles in the mouth that can decay over time.

Have an apple after every meal and be sure to keep the doctors and dentists away.

#2. Oranges
Oranges for Teeth

This fruit is a prime source of vitamin C which helps simulate the production of Collagen – a protein in the mouth that fights off periodontal diseases. The vitamins oranges produce also help protect your gums against inflammation and strengthen the blood vessels in every part or the body, mouth included.

The nutrients in oranges are mostly in their flesh, so get and eat them yourself. Avoid orange juices with preservatives and additives. Go natural for full benefits.

#3. Plain Yoghurt

Acid Reflux and GERD Diet Plan

A pack of plain yoghurt is not only refreshing but also beneficiary as it promises a set of healthy teeth with fresh breath. The two key components of strong and healthy teeth (calcium and protein) are embedded into this delicacy.

Being a high source of probiotics or “good bacteria”, yoghurt consumption also reduces the risks of cavities.

Include a small cup of plain yoghurt into your diet to keep your mouth and teeth fresh.

#4. Carrots

Carrots for Teeth

A carrot is like a fibre shake in itself with high quantities of fibre and water. This firm and crunchy meal helps stimulate saliva production which neutralises cavity causing bacteria and helps strengthen teeth.

This veggie is a well known source for Vitamin A –which is an antioxidant that protects your gums against inflammations and other gum related diseases.

Get yourself busy with some carrots especially after major meals.

#5. Red Meat

Red Meat Food for Strong Teeth

Get on the beefy side of things to have healthier set of teeth and an overall better smile. Red meat is packed full with phosphorus. This element is one of the main composition of every tooth and so it helps strengthen your tooth against enamel-damaging and cavity-forming bacteria in the mouth. Also a great source of arginine that prevents plague and cavity formation.

Cook it, grill it but don’t fry it in order to maximise its benefits to your teeth.

#6. Nuts

Foods with Good Healthy Fat

Nuts are a great source of antioxidants which have been proven to be a major contributor in defending against gum related diseases like periodontal diseases, bacterial infections and inflammations. Not forgetting their high levels of calcium and proteins which aids for healthy teeth and gums.

Go nuts with your nuts to get a good set of teeth.

#7. Celery

Celery Benefits for Teeth

With is stringy flesh filled up with watery goodies, this food is definitely nature floss for man. Celery is also filled up with antioxidants in the form of vitamins A and C that reduce the risk of tooth decay, inflammations of the gum and gingivitis. The stringy insides of this food helps collect bacteria and remaining food particles away from the mouth making it cleaner.

Its not bad to have a delicious meal that acts as your toothbrush of floss.

#8. Cheese

Benefits of Cheese for Teeth

You want to bring and end to your plague? Try cheese. It lowers the acidity of the mouth making it very uncomfortable for plagues. Sink your teeth into the hard and aged cheese to stimulate more saliva in the mouth to do away with all the bacteria in the mouth. This diet is also rich in calcium which helps give better enamel and an overall healthy oral health.

Cheese things up to get yourself good teeth.

#9. Fish

Foods with Good Healthy Fat

Fish is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids that are known to enhance your eyesight and are a good source of protein that helps give you healthy gums.

In addition to their benefits, fish is a great source of vitamin D which has an all round advantage to the human body at large. Vitamin D helps you to absorb calcium from other food sources which is in turn used to strengthen your teeth.

Remember, sunlight is not the only source for vitamin D, add fish to your menu.

#10. Onions

Onions Benefits for Teeth

Although it makes you cry when you cut it, its sure keeps you from running to a dentist or cry over night due to toothaches. You get the best from this food when you eat it raw as it produces antibacterial substances that get rid of bacteria in the mouth responsible for tooth decay, inflammations and infection of the gums.

You should also eat them raw to do away with cavity causing bacteria for a longer lasting set of teeth. However, you may want to avoid eating them in the morning or before going to bed because they have a strong odor.


Keeping healthy teeth does not just improve your state of well being, but it also plays a major role in making you more confident and open. Fortunately, you do not really need a dentist to have healthy teeth, just watch what you eat and add to your menu some of the foods mentioned above.

However, this does not undermine the importance of your day-to-day cleaning. There is no way around proper brushing and cleaning, ideally twice a day, every day.