10 Healthy Fat Foods that are Good for Your Heart & Body

Given the emphasis on weight loss and fat reduction these days, it’s no surprise that most people consider all fats to be bad. While it’s true that accumulation of fats is responsible for weight gain, they are necessary for a healthy body and play an important role in several of our key biological reactions.

Today we’re going to be listing 10 healthy fat foods which are actually good for you and highly recommended to be part of your daily diet.

#1. Fish

Foods with Good Healthy Fat

The American Heart Association recommends the intake of fatty fish twice a week for the sole reason that fish have omega-3 fatty acids (especially salmon, herrings, trout, sardines and mackerel) which are excellent for your heart and brain.

Apart from the good fats, fish is also an amazing source of protein which can be had baked or grilled for the best results.

#2. Avocado

Foods with Good Healthy Fat

Another item with healthy fats which are good for your heart, avocados are also believed to be beneficial for people suffering from osteoarthritis.

You can pick out a medium sized avocado, cut it in half and have it over the course of a week in two servings. Each serving will only be about 150 calories and your digestive system will also improve with their use.

#3. Seeds

Foods with Good Healthy Fat

All types of seeds have healthy fats in them, including sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds which can help lower your blood cholesterol.

Even though seeds can seem oily, their fat content is much healthier compared to animal fat. Typically what you need to stay away from is saturated and trans fat which is found in most packaged and processed dairy products.

#4. Nuts

Foods with Good Healthy Fat

Like seeds, nuts also have natural fat content which is healthy and good for your heart. These include pecans, almonds and walnuts, but you’ve got to take care not to overeat them. A good serving of nuts can be about 7 walnuts, 7 pecans, 2 dozen almonds and 3 dozen peanuts.

#5. Olive Oil

Foods with Good Healthy Fat

Everyone knows that cooking with olive oil is much better than regular oil. However, even with the presence of good fat content, olive oil should be used as sparingly as possible.

For this reason we recommend using an olive oil spray to prevent extra usage of oil while cooking.

#6. Vegetables

Healthy Diet Plan Steps

Green vegetables like kale and spinach also have good omega 3 fats which are essential for our body. While they don’t have as much of omega 3s as fish, you should aim for at least 3 cups of green vegetables every day in your diet.

Apart from the good fats, green vegetables also have a high amount of fiber, which can improve your digestion and give you a fuller stomach.

#7. Eggs

Foods with Good Healthy Fat

A lot of people quit eggs when they start dieting, when in fact they should just restrict themselves to one egg a day, that too for breakfast.

Eggs offer proteins and healthy fats alongside some omega 3 fatty acids, making them economical sources of good fat and nutrients that should kick-start your day.

#8. Ground Flaxseed

Foods with Good Healthy Fat

Flaxseed have a lot of fiber and can fix all your digestion woes. They’re also known to have good, healthy fats and can improve your skin.

You can use ground flaxseed easily by sprinkling it on foods like cereals, baking items and salads before consuming them.

#9. Beans

Foods with Good Healthy Fat

Beans, kidney or otherwise, are extremely important in a healthy, balanced diet. They are another excellent source of good, healthy fats like omega 3s which can uplift your mood and make your heart stronger in the long run.

#10. Omega-3-Fortified Foods

Foods with Good Healthy Fat

Apart from the natural foods listed above, you can also go for omega 3 fortified foods like milk, eggs and bread which have omega 3s.

You can easily find them in your local super-mart and they are good alternatives to taking supplements.

Do you include any of these healthy fat foods in your daily diet? We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Meanwhile, you should subscribe with us to receive more healthy reads, updates and diet plans in your inbox.


  1. Awesome list of excellent foods! I loved the pictures (especially the olive oil one) and I think this is a great resource for people to have! I plan to share on both twitter and pinterest. Thanks for this!